Sea-Cycle & Water Bike                                          High Performance Pontoon Catamaran Style Pedal Boat


Sea-Cycle LIMO Pedal Pontoon Catamaran Boat, 1-4 riders

Includes 2 pedal drive units in front, total of 4 adult and/or child seats AND 2 folding baskets with an extended main frame(+18") to accommodate 6 total seat/basket positions.  read more>

 LIMO Value Package MSRP $3,995: See current promotion>

Sea-Cycle TWIN Pedal Pontoon Catamaran Boat for 1-2 riders

TWIN model comes with 2 drive units and 2 seats.  read more>

TWIN MSRP $3,695: See current promotion>


Sea-Cycle SOLO Pedal Pontoon Catamaran Boat for 1 rider

 SOLO model includes 1 seat & drive unit; read more>

SOLO MSRP $2,795: See current promotion>




What do you get when you try to ride a bicycle on water?  A WATER BIKE of course!   

 For single riders who are interested in speed, fitness & mobility.  Unsurpassed speeds up to 13.5 mph versus the other hydro style bikes at less than 10 mph. read more>

Water Bike® Outdoor Sportsman Model


Fully equipped for fishing: Seat & back cushions, 2 types rod holders & 3 storage pouches

 Value Package MSRP $3,350: See current promotion> 


Water Bike® Arm Action Model


  MSRP $3,150: See current promotion>


Water Bike® WITHOUT Arm Action Model

  MSRP $2,900: See current promotion>


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