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Troubleshooting Guide

Most issues can be easily remedied by referring to our

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DRIVE UNITS            

PROBLEM:  Drive Unit chain derails, binds or does not move smoothly

CAUSE: Chain being too loose in the drive unit or improper lubrication Read More>

PROBLEM: Drive Unit rotates up during use, gliding or back pedaling

CAUSE:  Break-Away Button is not properly adjusted Read More>

PROBLEM: Drive Unit is not completely vertical

CAUSE:  Vertical Stop Bracket is not properly adjusted Read More>

PROBLEM:  Drive unit isn't straight on frame

CAUSE:  Screws on Stop Bracket need to be adjusted  Read More>

PROBLEM: Chain or sprocket has rusted

CAUSE: Water has entered the drive unit due to damage to the O-Ring Read More>

PROBLEM: Creaking noise while pedaling

CAUSE: Needs lubrication: apply bearing grease to stop noise

PROBLEM: "Whining" noise while pedaling


CAUSE: Vertical Stop Bracket needs adjusted

 PROBLEM: Oil leaks from top of drive unit when not upright

 CAUSE: Oil can seep from drive unit housing cover & should be stored upright at all times. A marine grade silicone sealant can be applied to seal housing cover to ease seepage.


PROBLEM: Rudder pivot post has broken or sheared off

CAUSE:  Rudder was left in the down position when unit was launched. ALWAYS lift the rudder when launching since the rudder has no where to go when launched backwards into sand or other objects.

 PROBLEM: Pontoons or Struts have warped

CAUSE:  Stored improperly allowing for heat or pressure to disfigure polyethylene forms Read More>

PROBLEM: Water in Pontoons

CAUSE:  Generally caused by damaged hull plugs or not properly installed

PROBLEM: Boat is not "trim" in water

CAUSE: Seat position is not at center of gravity.  See seat installation at read more>


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