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Extra units can be added at any time at wholesale cost after the initial purchase of 5 units.

Sea-Cycles & Water Bikes have been used in resorts & rental operations in over 40 countries. Rental fleets report purchase price pay-back in as little as 30-90 days.  Everything after that is pure profit in a mostly cash business.



They are versatile & draw customers to your business on the water!   

People won't be able to resist trying one out once they see others having fun by seemingly biking on water on either the Sea-Cycle or WaterBike.  

You generally don't need other expensive overhead costs such as a storefront since the rentals would mostly be paid by cash.


Top  reasons to become a rental business for Sea-Cycle & WaterBike

1) VERSATILE: Riders of almost any age or physical condition can enjoy them. Kids & grandparents alike will enjoy a safe outing on the water.

TWIN (comes with 2 seats - can hold an additional 2 seats at extra cost)

LIMO (comes with 4 seats & 2 folding baskets)

Either model can hold 1-4 riders up to 550 lbs. WATER BIKE is for 1 rider up to 280 lbs.

2) NO training or special skills needed

3) SAFE: Unsinkable! Very stable with a low center of gravity.

4) FAST:  Up to 10 mph possible on the first time out!  Not anything like a paddle boat that takes much effort for little results or kayaks where there is a fear of flipping over.

5) FUN:  Proven durable & fun for all ages by rental operators world wide.  Great for fishing, exercise, camping, eco tours or effortless cruising.

6) COMFORTABLE: Sea-Cycle has contoured recumbent seats that allow for all day cruising.  They are perfect for shallow streams or large bodies of open water.

 7) MAINTENANCE: Years of rental operation testing has proven that a check of the fasteners and drive tension every 10 hours of use is all that is required.  Every unit is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and One Year Warranty



We recommend 3 SEA-CYCLE TWINS & 2 SEA-CYCLE LIMOS to get started as they are very versatile accommodating up to 550 rider weight for 1 to 4 passengers.  Available in Sunflower Yellow ~ usually ships in 10-14 days.

LIMO comes with 2 baskets & 4 seats (choice of Adult or Child seats).  

TWIN comes with 2 seats.

The TWIN or LIMO can also be converted to a SOLO in minutes for a single rider.


SEA-CYCLE Fleet Examples:

5 Sea-Cycle TWINS 

3 Sea-Cycle TWINS & 2 LIMOS

5 Sea-Cycle LIMOS

Extra options are sun shades, seat cushions, extra seats, folding baskets, life jackets, lift kits, cup & rod holders

Your business does not have to be in a tropical location to be successful!



We recommend WaterBike Outdoor Sportsman because it comes with all the popular options at very little additional cost.  Water bikes are the best for fishing especially in shallow water. All Water Bike models are available in Sunflower Yellow (higher visibility) and Hunter Green. Usually ships in 10-14 days.


WATER BIKE  Fleet Examples:

5 WATER BIKES with Arm Action



Outdoor Sportsman model includes seat cushions, 1 rear zip pouch, 2 side pouches, 1 trolling rod holder & 1 rod rack. Best choice for fishing & water biking combined!

We can customize a business for you with a mix of all of the Sea-Cycle & Water Bike models.  Just let us know what you want & we will give you a no obligation quote. 


(These numbers are intended as a guildline only & may not represent your actual potential revenue.  Responsible business owners should analyze their own potential revenue).  

EXAMPLE: 5 units running 6 hours a day for 5 days a week equals 150 rental hours.   150 rental hours at a conservative fee of $10 for 30 minutes would be $3,000 income for 1 week!  With a $10K investment, you could potentially recover your out of pocket costs in less than a month.

You can set your own rental rates & charge more for extra items such as extra passengers, picnic lunches or drinks, binoculars, sun shade or even fishing equipment.  You can negotiate with other business owners to include Sea-Cycles & Water Bikes in package deals such as hotel operators or resort owners.  The opportunities are endless!

WE DO recommend providing safety equipment such as PDF's (personal floatation devices), alarm whistles or bicycle flags especially in high water traffic areas.  Visit our SAFETY TIPS PAGE for more.   Our units are generally classified as water toys so most states do not require registration tags. Check with your insurance company, Coast Guard or local marine law enforcement for other possible safety requirements or business costs.



Water Bikes are available in Sunflower Yellow & Hunter Green.  Special order colors (seen above) are available for large quantity corporate orders that can include logos if desired. 

The picture above represents a resort dock setup with lift kits for easy storage & launch.


*Example price does not include credit card fees, delivery or taxes if applicable.



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