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Accessorize: Make your Sea-Cycle or Water Bike more user friendly!

SEA-CYCLE ACCESSORIES (Discounts & promotions offered do not apply to parts, accessories or partial units. Prices do not  include shipping or tax if applicable) 

 BLACK or WHITE (blue shown is not available) ANCHOR STYLE SHADE CANOPY for TWIN or LIMO: $265 plus shipping (ships separately).

6' X 6' sun shade canopy fits on the front strut of Sea-Cycle & four points attach to pontoon kayak handles. The overall height increases from 3' 2" to a total of 6' 2" from the bottom of the pontoons to the top of the umbrella.  Made from a lightweight nylon fabric that mildew & fade resistant plus powder coated aluminum% frame.  The fabric blocks 85% of harmful sun rays.


Box is 5" X 5" X 67" (14 lbs)

 Stabilizer Bar for Sea Cycle Twin or LIMO - $115

Sea-Cycle TWIN & LIMO come standard with one stabilizer bar.  Some users purchase a second bar for after market upgrades for things such as dog or camping gear platforms. Stabilizer bar gives support between the main frames where some users want to add stability for such things as a battery box for a trolling motor.   

TOOL KIT (DRIVE UNIT MAINTENANCE) for either Sea Cycle or Water Bike - $129

INCLUDES 17 pieces:

6 - Special use allen wrenches

2 - Special use screwdrivers

3 - Special use wrenches including Spanner Wrench to remover outer lower drive

1 - Crank shaft arm puller

1 - Chain breaker

2 - Chain Master Links

2 - 8 ounce bottle of Royal Purple non-emulsifying drive oil with applicator cap $12

TENDER or DAVIT Lift Kit (use on Sea Cycle or Water Bike):  4 pcs $55

For lifting & lowering into water by davit or crane with a 4 point pick-up.  Units can be hoisted aboard larger boats as a tender.


This is a popular option even if you don't use it as a tender or have a davit.  The four point lift attachments make it easier to tie up your Sea-Cycle to a dock or tie off on shore.  These would replace the T-Handle Fasteners on the frame where it connects to the hull.

EXTRA PROPELLERS for Sea-Cycle or Water Bike: $45 

12"(standard on Sea-Cycle), 14" 16"(only for use as a Sea-Cycle SOLO or for Water Bike).

PITCH = 22

Larger sizes push more water that requires more effort & results in a little more speed 



EXTRA RUDDER PIVOT POST for Sea Cycle: $35, whole assembly:$50

    < pivot post only                          <pivot post assembly

SEAT CUSHION for Sea Cycle (won't absorb water): $45

Sea Cycle Adult Seat (over 75 lbs) & 4 bolts: $99

Child Seat (up to 75 lbs)& 4 bolts: $89

Seats come with 4 bolts; extra bolts (good idea to have extras- commonly dropped in water): $8 ea.


 LIFE VESTS (BLUE or RED ONLY) for Sea Cycle or Water Bike: $49

 TROLLING ROD HOLDER for Sea Cycle or Water Bike(attaches to struts-you install) - $49

CUP HOLDER for Sea Cycle (attaches to struts-you install) - $20


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