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  Sea-Cycle parts list  

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COMPONENT LIST Manufacturer Quantity Quantity Quantity USE  PRICE EACH    
  Part Number SOLO TWIN LIMO        
Pontoons/Hulls SH002 2 2 2 Floatation  $650 each    
Pontoon Drain Plug SC67 1 2 2 Water plug for pontoon      
Struts SCSTRUT 2 2 2 Holds hulls together      
Main Frame Assembly                
  TWIN with Yoke SM001.2 1 2   Hold seats & drive units      
  LIMO-Extend +18" w/yoke SM002     2 Hold seats, baskets & drive units      
Drive Units & wrench   1 2 2 Propulsion      
Main Frame Stabilizer Bar STB001 1 1 1 Stabilizes Hulls & Struts      
Rudder Assembly SR001.1 1 1 1 Steering      
Seats SCSEAT 1 2 4 Holds riders-Extra Adult or Child seats are optional      
Baskets SCBASK optional optional 2 Holds supplies or carry-ons      
  Stabilizer Bar: Star Bolt STKA02  0 2 2 Attaches stabilizer bar(n/a Solo)      
  Seat Bolt; Star Knob SKA01 4 8 16 Attaches seats to main frame      
Pontoon Bolt; T-Knob HWK 4 4 4 Attaches struts to hulls      
 Main Frame; Star Bolt MBA01 2 4 4 Attaches main frame to struts       
 Rudder Assembly Bolt-8" long T-Handle & Star End RKA01.2 2 2 2 Attaches Rudder Assembly to Strut/main Frame      
 Main Frame Leg Extension    1  2  2  Adjusts leg length on Main Frame      

Assembling a Sea-Cycle or Water Bike can be accomplished in about 10-20 minutes once you are familiar with the process.  The first time will take longer but the good news is that it doesn't require any tools!  

All components are "MATCHED" at the factory to ensure proper assembly & performance.  On multiple boat orders, the boxes are marked for each boat.  Example:  Boat 1, 2, 3 or A, B, or C.

 How to Assemble a Sea-Cycle


Take the time to READ the assembly instructions & familiarize yourself with the parts/components



Place the HULLS parallel to each other approximately 4' apart.  Position notes:  Sea-Cycle graphics on side should be placed on the outside,  graphic on top to be forward & drain plugs are in the rear.  Now is a good time to install the drain plugs!
The frame STRUTS have mounting pads that help position them to the hulls.  The frame struts are identical except one strut has a SERIAL NUMBER TAG affixed to it.  It should be placed at the REAR position to comply with Coast Guard Regulations.
Insert the 1/2" threaded knob assembly into the slots at the end of the frame struts.  Engage the threads into the hull receptacles.  Tighten knobs only enough to keep the frame struts from "drooping" toward the center.  Leave it loose enough to allow for some fore & aft play as you assemble other components.


TWIN & LIMO(SOLO: proceed to next section):  Place the steering handle in the two rider position "inboard" or center slot.  Place the main frames in the two "outboard" or outside slots on the main frame struts.  NOTE:  The DRIVE YOKE is placed "forward" (towards the longest length of the pontoons once the struts are placed) and the threaded holes in the main frame are placed "down" against the frame strut.  The main frame have 3 possible threaded hole locations to attach the frame struts.  
In the 2 person configuration, the OUTBOARD/OUTSIDE holes are used. Align these holes over the SLOTS in the frame strut.  
Using the shorter Star Knobs  , insert the threads  into the slot UNDER the frame strut.  This is a blind installation & a certain amount of "feel" is needed to engage the threads into the main frame.  NOTE:  Be sure to not "cross thread" the knobs.  
With just a little practice this will become second nature.  Once the main frames are securely attached to the struts you can now go back & snugly tighten the  fasteners to the hulls.  Now move to installing the stabilizer bar.

 TWIN & LIMO CONFIGURATION                                    SOLO CONFIGURATION


SOLO:  Only 1 main frame to be installed in the "inboard" or center position over the rudder assembly.  The main frames have 3 possible threaded hole locations to attach the frame struts; inboard=center & outboard=outside left & right.  In the 1 person configuration, the "forward" hole & the "next" hole are used.  Align these holes over the CENTER SLOTS in the frame strut.  Using the LONGER T-Knobs, insert the threads through the Rudder/Steering Strut then through the frame strut & engage the threads in the main frame; move the rudder handle to the right. This is a blind installation & a certain amount of "feel" is needed to engage the threads into the main frame.  NOTE:  Be sure to not "cross thread" the T-Knobs.  When the knobs first engage, they will turn smoothly.  Continue tightening the knobs until the main frame pulls down on the frame strut completely. With just a little practice this will become second nature.  Once the main frames are securely attached to the struts you can now go back & snugly tighten the T-Knob fasteners to the hulls.  Skip past installing the stabilizer bar since none is needed or included with the SOLO model.



Align the hulls so that the center "slot" areas in both frame struts are parallel.  You can test this by placing a main frame temporarily in the slots to line it up.  
Place the Rudder Assembly UNDER the CENTER slot of each strut.  Once the rudder frame tube is positioned in the center, align the forward hole in the rudder with the hole in the strut.  
TWIN & LIMO: Insert the LONG T-Knob   with the knobs on both ends through the holes in the center of each strut and through the rudder assembly & attach star knob.
SOLO: Insert the long T- Knob that holds up the rudder assembly THREADS into the main frame mounted in the center slot of the struts. Align rear holes in the same manner.
NOTE:  Some adjustment between the frame hull & struts and the steering assembly may be necessary to facilitate the hole alignment.

 Click here for more information on rudder & steering


TWIN & LIMO only (SOLO-not used) : Solid Metal bar with a U-shaped channel on each end that mount on the tops of main frame.  It is to be mounted behind the front seats & should be CENTERED between the struts before installing option extra seats or baskets. This is also used as a rear seat foot rest for optional extra seats.  

INSTALL SEATS:  Mount each seat; Place the 4 seat bolt brass washers/slide bars   in the channel/track on the main frame.  Working from the back, place seat on frame & align seat bolt through the seat & into brass washer and hand tighten.  To adjust seat position, loosen the seat bolts & move the seat forward or back for comfort.  Do not loosen too far or the bolt will disengage from brass washer which could result in the bolt dropping into water when in use.  NOTE:  A light spray of lubricant will help prevent any possible corrosion & make adjustment easier.  

On SOLO setup, position the seat a few inches back of the main frame extension T-Knob.  
On TWIN or LIMO setup, position the seat about 2" behind the main frame extension T-Knob.  This will place the seats at the center of gravity & allow the boat to remain level during use.  Fine tuning can be accomplished by moving seats fore or aft in small increments until it is level.  Once the seats are in position, securely hand tighten the seat bolts.
Turn the knob on the main frame extension in front of the seat 1-2 turns. DO NOT loosen more as the knob will disengage from the brass slide that is inside the main frame.  This will release the extension tube or inner main frame.  To EXTEND the length, place your heel on the back of the pedal & push the drive unit assembly away from you.  to SHORTEN the length, pull the extension tube straight back.  Retighten the knob to lock the drive in place.
The proper leg length should be a few degrees short of full extension when the pedal is furthest from you.  Fully extended pedalling could place unnecessary stress on your knees!



BEGIN BY ADDING OIL TO THE DRIVES:  The drives are shipped without oil in the crankcase to prevent spillage during transportation.  You will find a bottle of Royal Purple oil for each drive unit included with your order.  
Remove white plastic plug on the trailing edge of the drive unit by turning it COUNTER CLOCKWISE.  Dispense the bottle of oil (1 - 6 ounce bottle for each drive) into opening using the provided applicator.  Replace the white plug by turning it clockwise being careful to not cross thread.
The drive unit oil should last about 2,000 hours of use.  6 ounces of oil is the recommended amount of oil at all times but there is no danger if you add more than that.


Loosen the Extension Tube Release Knob 1 or 2 turns.  DO NOT over loosen or knob will separate from the washer inside.  Pull the extension tube (inner main frame) out about 12" to keep it from interferring with the drive unit installation.
 * Place the black drive mount bushings (on the side of the drive unit) directly over the U-Shaped opening on the end of the yoke.  
 * Lower the drive unit until the bushings engage in the opening of the U-Shaped keyway.  Gently push down & rotate the unit slowly bringing the drive unit up towards the seat.  Slide the DRIVE HOLD DOWN LOCK forward & tighten to lock in place.
NOTE:  It may be necessary to rock the drive slightly while continuing gentle dowward pressure to allow the bushing to work down into the bottom of the keyway.

More drive unit  adjustment information:

Button Adjustment for Flip Up feature adjustment:

Important Chain Maintenance & Adjustment:



You are now ready to enjoy bicycling on water!

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