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Sea-Cycle - Rudder Steering


SEA-CYCLE: Steers with a hand rudder.  The struts (part that holds the pontoons together) have 3 slots for installing the seat assemblies & rudder; 1 inboard (center) slot & 2 outboard (outside) slots.  

SOLO configuration(Picture #1): Hand rudder can be installed on either side of the seat.  
TWIN configuration(Picture #2): Hand rudder is installed between the two seats.  

Sea-Cycles are easy to handle & to steer. You can also pedal in reverse to adjust your direction. This movement can be helpful for adjusting your course when approaching a dock much like any other boat.

The TWIN can be easily converted to a SOLO by removing the 2 main assemblies (main frame, yoke, seat & drive unit) & then move one of them into the center slot. The rudder can then be installed on either the left or right slot next to the seat.


There is a line running from the Rudder Plate to the "jam cleat" that attaches to the Rudder Strut.  When this line is pulled forward it raises the rudder plate so that the Sea-Cycle can be beached or launched without damage to the rudder assembly.  The rudder can be dropped back down by releasing the line from the jam cleat.  The weight of the rudder will return it to its normal operating position.
The steering handle operates the rudder by pushing or pulling in a fore & aft motion.  There are 2 possible positions for the rudder handlebar; two rider & single rider.  To change the handlebar position, remove the quick disconnect pin & pull the handlebar outboard & replace pin.

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