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A Sea-Cycle TWIN or LIMO can be used simply as a single rider or converted to a SOLO unit.

see a video here >

 If you want to ride SOLO "spur of the moment" you can just ride it as a single rider even if it is in the TWIN configuration.  One pontoon may sit a little lower than the opposite side and you may need to make some extra rudder adjustments since the weight & propeller will be on one side.  My husband regularly rides this way even though he is a big man he has no problem riding SOLO. You could also remove one drive unit from the second seat before you leave the dock or beach as well. Be sure to keep it upright while it is not in use.  see an action video here>


You can convert any model to a SOLO in 3 easy steps outlined below.


Begin by removing both main frame assemblies, the rudder assembly & the stabilizer bar.  You will then re-install the main frame assembly in the center position & move the rudder assembly to either outboard position.  




The main frame struts have 3 possible threaded hole locations to attach the main frames; inboard=center & outboard=outside left & right.  In the 1 person configuration, the "forward" hole & the "next" hole are used.  Align these holes over the CENTER SLOTS in the frame strut. 


Using the LONGER T-Knobs, insert the threads through the Rudder/Steering Strut then through the frame strut & engage the threads in the main frame. This is a blind installation & a certain amount of "feel" is needed to engage the threads into the main frame.  

NOTE:  Be sure to not "cross thread" the T-Knobs.  When the T-Knobs first engage, they will turn smoothly.  Continue tightening the knobs until the main frame pulls down on the frame strut completely. With just a little practice this will become second nature.  


Skip installing the stabilizer bar since none is needed in the SOLO configuration.


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