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Sea Cycle or Water Bike?

If you are having difficulty deciding which of our great products to purchase, this article may help you with the decision!

  Sea-Cycle (Solo shown) is best for:

1-4 Riders with a combined rider weight up to 550 lbs

Those that want the most stable boating experience

Those that want a molded ergonomic seat

Those that want the extra frame room to customize their boat for diving/fishing/dog platforms.  Limo has main frames that are extended by 18" giving more room for these modifications. Read & see more>

Those that want to be able to use the sun shade option

Those that have easy access to the water such as a dock or beach area

The specs on size & weight differences are listed at the end of the page for comparison


 Water Bike is best for:  

 Fishing enthusiasts or other activities requiring "hands free" operation.  

 Persons weighing under 280 lbs

Those looking for the ultimate work out machine; full body work out with arm action

Those looking for the fastest HPWC

Those looking for a short turning radius 

Those who will always only be a single rider 

Those who have lifting restrictions; each component weighs less than 20 lbs 

Those that will need to frequently transport the unit; Water Bike has shorter pontoon length at 10' 8" vs Sea-Cycle at 14' 10".  Assembles in about 5 minutes.


Both Water Bike & Sea Cycle are fast, fun & safe.  Each is quick & easy to assemble without tools. 


Subject to change without notice.

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