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 Transporting Sea-Cycle & Water Bike




1.  Sea-Cycle & Water Bike pontoons can be put on a vehicle with a roof rack using the knobs that hold the struts to the hulls to hold the hulls to your roof rack.  The other components should be easy to stow.

2.  A used snow mobile trailer can be the perfect size to transport Sea-Cycle or Water Bike!  You can find them very reasonably priced.

3.  We use our pontoon boat to store & transport our Sea-Cycle.  At the end of the season we break down the Sea-Cycle at the dock next to the pontoon boat and load it on the deck of the boat.  We then travel down the river to pull the boat out with the Sea-Cycle on board.  We store it on the pontoon boat over the winter (dry pontoons can be stored upside & flat on a smooth surface safely). In the spring we reverse the process to get it dockside easily.

4.  Some folks have told us they have made carts with PVC pipe and tires quite inexpensively!



The last two pictures are of a Sea-Cycle SOLO on a GMC Canyon short bed pick up truck that has a 5' square bed with kayak carrier.  The owner Ernie says:

The superstructure sits on the bed rails.  I drop steel pins through the mounting holes to keep it from shifting from side to side, and cargo straps to keep it lashed down and centered front to back.  I then slide the pontoons in and use heavy metal clamps hooked through their handle cords to hold them in the truck bed, a truck bed extender to support the 7-1/5 ft that hang past the truck bed, and lash them down to the crossbar of the extender with a strap.  For a little added stability, I tie the noses of the pontoons together with their carrying handles.  It sounds complicated, but it really isn't.  I can get it out of the water and into the truck in about five minutes.  Setting it up for launch takes only a little longer, thanks to the safety check I do once it's been assembled.



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