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Maintaining the Sea-Cycle & Water Bike 

It is easy to maintain Sea-Cyle & Water Bike! Each high quality part is strong, durable & corrosion resistant. Each component can be removed for maintenance or repair as needed.  We have a Drive Unit Maintenance Kit available that contains specialized tools, master chain links & extra drive unit oil.


Check chain tension regularly. Inspect all fittings such as T-Handles, Star Bolts/Seat Bolts & various screws, Rudder Shaft & Main Frame Extensions for tightening or lubrication as needed.  REMOVE DRIVE UNITS when not in use & store upright in a cool, dry area. SALT WATER USE:  Hose down unit to reduce the corrosive effects of salt.  


Chain Tension Adjustment, Lubrication, Button Adjustment, Crank Arm Tightening & Propeller Removal

Chain Tension/Tightness

This is the most important maintenance item!  A minute or two is all that is needed to insure hundreds of hours of trouble free Sea-Cycling or Water Biking! 

The chain inside the drive unit housing requires that it be tightened when new:  After first hour, again after 2-3 hours & again it should be checked after 6 hours.  Check the chain tension weekly thereafter.  A loose chain can lock up during use or derail & cause damage to itself. 

How can you check to see if the chain needs to be tightened?  1) Remove drive unit from boat & shake it from side to side.  If you hear the chain slapping on the sides it needs to be tightened.  2) Remove the drive unit from the boat & hold the propeller still. Then try to turn the pedals; if there is more than 2" of play, the chain needs to be tightened.



Lubrication:  Royal Purple Oil

New drive units are shipped without oil in the housing unit crank case or lower drive unit.  Royal Purple Oil is provided with the new units in two separate 6 ounce bottles.  Install one bottle of oil in each drive unit by removing the white plastic plug in the trailing edge of the drive unit housing.  

To monitor the oil level, remove the drive unit housing cap by carefully removing the Phillips head screws holding the drive cap to the top of the drive housing.  Once the cap is loosened you will need to break the silicone seal being careful to not damage the gasket & remove the drive unit housing cap.  Use a flashlight to look into the drive housing to view the oil level.  When filled correctly with 6 ounces of oil, the level will be slightly above the lower sprocket.  When replacing the cap, make sure that the cap gasket is aligned properly.  The screws are finely threaded so use caution when replacing them.  To replace the silicone seal, use a marine grade/waterproof silicone.  

 Break-Away Button Adjustment - drive unit rotate-up feature

The drive unit has 2 spring loaded composite buttons that control:

1) The break away force needed to allow the drive unit to rotate up out of the water.

2) Prevents the drive unit from rotating up out of the water when gliding or back pedaling

3) Holds the drive unit up when fully rotated in the up position towards the seat

 The buttons are mounted in a threaded housing that can be turned in or out thereby decreasing or increasing the break-away force.  The buttons are preset for normal use.


1) Take a large screwdriver (a special tool is available in the Drive Unit Maintenance Kit) & place it against the tip of the button.

2) Carefully depress the button until the screwdriver tip (or teeth of the tool) engages the slot in the button housing. 

3) Maintaining the pressure, turn the screwdriver COUNTER CLOCKWISE to INCREASE the break-away force or turn the screwdriver CLOCKWISE to DECREASE the break-away force.  NOTE:   Make changes in SMALL increments or 1/8" turns.  Moving the buttons outwards in larger increments may cause damage to the buttons.

 Crank Arm Tightening

The crank arms may require occasional tightening.  Inspect crank bolts by removing plastic dust cap & tighten as needed.  NOTE:  The right hand crank bolt has right hand threads & the left hand side has left (or reverse) threads.


The Sea-Cycle & Water Bike propeller is made of high strength urethane plastic that provides both exceptional impact resistance & stiffness.  It is important to clear the propeller of foreign objects such as fishing line, zebra mussels & weeds that can damage the O-Ring that seals the lower drive from water penetration. O-Ring life can be extended by regularly checking it. 

To remove the propeller, remove the set screws & push the pin through the shaft.  A 3/15" stainless pin holds the propeller on its stainless shaft.  Two stainless steel set screws hold the pin in place.  Pull the propeller off the end of the shaft.  To assemble, reverse this procedure.

Replacement propellers are available in 12", 14" & 16".  Sea-Cycle comes standard with 12" propeller & Water Bike comes standard with 16" propellers.  Larger Sea-Cycle propellers can be added but may cause the blades to hit pontoons & leave black marks.


The hulls utilize rotomolded polyethylene construction that provide a high strength yet light weight structure.  They can be washed with a mild detergent & protected with products like Armor All or WD-40 protectants.

The hulls should be stored with the decks against a flat, smooth surface.  DO NOT put weight on the hulls as deformation can occur.  

COMMERCIAL USE: Recommended maintenance schedule


*Hose off boat

*Check chain tension; adjust accordingly

*Check crank arms on each side of drive for tightness; adjust accordingly

*Check all T-Knobs, mounting parts & extension tube on frame for sticking & tightness; lube/adjust accordingly 


*Lube extension T-Knobs & main rudder shaft

*Tension the drive chain once a week for the first month

*Lube pedals & crank shaft bearings 


*Check drive oil levels & tension chain as needed

*Remove all T-Knobs & lube

*Exchange hulls – port to starboard & starboard to port – kind of like rotating your tires!

*Lube bolts

*Lube pedals & crank shaft bearings


TOOLS REQUIRED - (see our drive unit maintenance kit available for $90 under accessories)

*9/64” Allen wrench

*5/32” Allen wrench

*½” socket & ratchet drive

*3/16 Allen wrench

*Large slotted screw driver



·        ROYAL PURPLE non-emulsifying drive oil is included in drive unit maintenance kit.

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