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 Winterization & Storage of Sea Cycles & Water Bikes

HULLS & other plastic components


The hulls, struts, drive unit housing & seats utilize rotomolded polyethylene construction that provide a high strength yet light weight structure.  ALWAYS rinse off salt & sand after every use!

They can be washed with a mild detergent & protected with products like Armor All or WD-40 protectants.  NEVER use gasoline or petroleum based products!

Check the hulls for water & drain if needed. The hulls should be stored with the flat decks against an even, smooth surface.  DO NOT lean against a wall or put weight on the hulls as deformation can occur in both cold & hot weather.  For long term seasonal storage, keep your unit out of direct cold & sun.  Store it in a dry place & do not allow temperatures to fall below zero degrees.


 Drive Units


It is recommended that drive units be stored indoors in an upright position.  They can also be wiped down with a protectant such as WD-40.  If they cannot be stored indoors you should store them in an upright position & cover them with water tight material. Be sure to check the oil level & adjust chain if needed before next use. You should check the O-Ring that seals the lower unit at the propeller annually for damage or deterioration that could allow water intrusion.  Remove weeds or other tangled debris often to prevent damage.


Other Metal Components


Wiping them down with a protectant such as WD-40 will keep them looking new & protect them from the environment.


Just a little maintenance each year when you store your boat will keep your Sea-Cycle or Water Bike looking like new for many years!

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