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 (We really mean going Green!)


Our Sea-Cycles & Water Bikes have been around long before it was a popular catch phrase.  We have always been environmentally conscious since the delvelopment of our pollution free way of enjoying the water.


1) No gas or oil to spoil the waterways.  There is no gas expense & no lugging gas cans around as well.

2) Again, no gas or oil to harm wildlife & their offspring

3) No air pollution for users from gas & diesel motors.

4) No noise pollution for users.  You actually hear very little except the water parting around the pontoons & pedals turning.

5) No noise to frighten wildlife:

              Freshwater:  We regularly have a variety of wildlife approach our Sea-Cycle or WaterBike such as fish, turtles & beavers in the waterways of Michigan.  There is no prop damage to spawning beds either. They are curious about this big but silent yellow thing! 

       Saltwater:  We also use our Sea-Cycle and WaterBike in the Gulf of Mexico in SW Florida. We've had dolphins & manatees approach us just to see what we are.  No danger of prop damage to manatees either! They are used to seeing loud boats & jet skis but don't know what to make of this quiet yellow creature!

 Many areas in Alaska do not allow boat with motors that may damage the environment.  

Race to Alaska-Rule #1:  Get a boat without a motor!


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