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The age of a Sea-Cycle or Water Bike can be easily determined.

The best indicator is a Hull Identification Number, or HIN. In order to comply with regulations introduced by the Federal Boating Safety Act of 1971 (FBSA 1971), after November 1972 boat manufacturers began to affix federally required Hull Identification Numbers to each boat produced. On Sea-Cycle & Water Bike this was accomplished by attachment of an embossed metal tag to the back side of the strut (cross member that holds pontoons together).  To comply with Coast Guard Regs the tag should be REAR facing. The tag was attached by metal rivets.

Every Sea-Cycle or Water Bike made after 1997 should have an easily decoded Hull Identification Number affixed to the back of the strut. 

Model Year Codes:  after 1996 the manufacture date at the end of the code:

Sea-Cycle example of a 2012 model:  MEYSC 111F212

Water Bike example of a 2012 model: MEYWB 111E212

Boats whose HIN that begin with PUE or do not begin with MEY are older than 15 years.  Likewise, if your drive unit has a yellow stenciled "Sea-Cycle" name on it like the below picture, it is also older than 15 years.


Here is a picture of Blair's 1990 Fiberglas Hull Sea-Cycle that is still in use:


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