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Bicycle on Water across this big blue planet called Earth!

Water covers most of our home we call Earth.  71% of it is covered by saltwater with the remaining 29% comprised of continents & islands and their freshwater lakes & rivers.  Only 2.5% of the Earth's water is fresh water that is found in lakes, rivers & frozen glacial waters.

 75% of all land on Earth is located within 1 mile of a waterway so most of us have live very near to water.  We all have access to enjoy it's beauty!  I hope this article will help to remind us of the pleasant memories of spending time on the water.

 Boating and being on the water has had a huge impact on my life.  I have always been drawn to it from the time I was very young.  Many memories of life on the Great Lakes are with me today largely due to my parents and grandparents.  We went boating, picniced on small islands & fished every summer.  I would like to share some photos of those memories.  The first one is of me & my Dad when I was about 6 years old.


Many young men found their love for boating while serving in the military.  My Dad & his younger brother both served in the Navy.       


Their father's before them (my Grandfather) loved being on the water & taught his children to fish & we were in turn taught as well. We learned to respect this Earth, all it's creatures & the waterways. To this day I remember the smell of the water & fall leaves on the ground.

  Yes, this is a sturgeon that was caught during the 1950's (now protected) in Cheboygan County Michigan.  They are now protected as they are considered a living dinosaur of the Great Lakes!


Not surprising that I married the little boy in the picture with his father & grandfather who also loved the water, fishing & boating!

We are now passing that legacy on to our children & grand children.

 Time spent on the water as families will never be forgotten!  Sea-Cycles and WaterBikes are made for good, clean family fun!


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