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 Use the same good judgement that you would for any water craft!  


Learn the "Rules of the Waterway"  

One of the rules is that non-powered boats have the right of way but be aware of all other boats around you.  Sea-Cycle & Water Bike make very little noise & may not be noticed.  If you need more information visit the American Boating Association website:


Wind & weather conditions may change quickly.  Be preparedby knowing current & future conditions.

Here is a link to NOAA's National Weather Service:



Always use a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) or Life Vest/Jacket.  We sell Class III Deluxe Life Vests if you need to order one.

2.  Carry a cell phone. A sealed plastic bag can protect it & there are lanyards that can be worn around your neck such as a product called "Over Board".

3.  It is a good idea to have an air horn or whistle with you if needed to get the attention of other boaters even if you do have the right of way.

4.  Wear slip resistant shoes to avoid slipping on hulls

5.  Dress properly for the weather. Bring along floppy hats, sun screen & bottled water.

6.  Boating accidents in cold water are very dangerous.  Hypothermia (loss of body heat due to cold water) can set in in as little as 15 minutes in 50 degree water.

7.  Sea-Cycle is rated for rider weight of 550 lbs & Water Bike is rated for 280 lbs. 

8.  Sea-Cycle & Water Bike handle well in most rivers, lakes, sound & bays.  White water rivers, breaking waves in the surf and waves from winds which exceed 20 mph are not recommended for Sea-Cycle or Water Bike use.

9.  Keep a paddle on board to help in the event you should get grounded or encounter other difficulties.

10.  Always supervise children or anyone who is not able bodied.


Use common sense!

If you are wondering if it is safe to venture out: Don't do it!

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