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The average person won't notice the speed difference between them with equal weight on each.

Water Bike is the lightest unit at 85 lbs, has shorter pontoons at 10' 8" and comes standard with a 16" propeller.

Sea-Cycle weighs in at 175 lbs, has longer pontoons at 14' 10" and comes standard with a 12" propeller.

A person in average condition can cruise at 4 to 6 mph.  You will actually see a wake behind you! The record is a sprint at 13.5 mph under optimal conditions.  Many things impact the speed that you attain:

Proper assembly & weight placement keeping the boat "trim".

Riders: quantity, weight & strength.

Water conditions: surf, tidal pull & underwater currents.

Weather conditions: prevailing wind speed & direction.

Even altitude has an impact.


This is a mpg calculator sent in by a customer:



We have records of the them crossing the English Channel, the Gulf Stream & a trip from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska.   The comfortable seats allow you to cycle for a long as you like.  We regularly spend several hours or more pedaling around the local water ways.


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