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April, 2016

We have used our SeaCycle on the waters of Southeast Alaska for nearly 20 years.  We chose the SeaCycle because it is safe (very hard to capsize), much easier than a kayak to get on and off, faster than a kayak, well engineered, and a nice platform for photography. We just bought a second one so we can take friends along

Kurt & Bev ~ Juneau, AK


March, 2015

Picture of one largemouth I caught while fishing on the Sea Cycle last year.

Brandon, Huddleston, VA

 December, 2014

Thank you very much for your support!

Vic & Noela, Queensland AU

September 2014

The Anacostia River is a short tidal river running from Maryland, through Washington, and to the Potomac River.  It passes by the Washington Nationals stadium, the Washington Navy Yard, as well as by DC United's home at RFK Stadium.  The Capitol dome is visible much of the time.  While the water is dirty, wildlife is abundant--eagles, foxes, deer, beavers, great blue herons, egrets, kingfishers, ospreys, as well a tons of turtles. 

Larry, Washington, DC

May 2014

I usually take out my fully loaded limo for 30-40 min at a time with one cyclist at a 5.2mph average and cover 2.5-3 miles in that time. May give people a realistic idea of what u can achieve with it. I've told tons of patients about it and they all day they will go look it up as a way to get exercise on the lake.  

Brandon, Huddleston, VA

February 2014

We had 13 inches of snow here two days ago & the picture of the sea cycle is on an island in the middle of the lake.  It is about a 3 1/2 mile trip to get to this Island from my house and it was a very pleasant trip solo on the sea cycle.  I paddled up on a river otter that didn't notice me coming.  I've fished off of it both day and night with great success. Overall, I have been very pleased with it.

Brandon, Huddleston, VA

 May 2013

 I go out everyday with my wife for a stroll. It is effortless compared to other type of "pedalboat" and more comfortable.  By the way, it was also very easy to put together.

Marc, Lac Harrington, Quebec

May 2013

Loving our Sea Cycle - look for us during the Americas Cup

February 2013

I have assembled one, and stored the other for spring.  Went on a short test ride and really love it.  I anticipate years of fun with these.

David F., Ruther Glen VA. (Sea-Cycle SOLO & a Sea-Cycle TWIN)
January 2013

We have found the sea cycle extraordinary for use on the San Francisco Bay and are getting many inquiries from our neighbors on the dock and local seaside restaurant patrons who agree with us it is exercise disguised as BIG fun!

Michael & Carolyn, Sausalito, CA

November 2012

I purchased a Sea Cycle from you over the summer. I have one problem to report: I should have bought one much sooner!  I have been having a blast with it!

Ernie S., Cheltenham, MD

September 2012

Hallo SeaCycle Team! We are the proud owners of the first SeaCycle on the spanish Island of Majorca.We have had & still having a lot of fun on the Islands coastline-SeaCycle is certainly an eyecatcher & many people have shown an astounding interest.Economically cheaper than Boats & Jet Skies!(No fuel costs!)

Sylvio B, Spanish Island of Majorca

The summer will end with a bang using our new Sea-Cycle. The shipping worked out well, and the boat is amazingly stable.  

Sandy B, Olympia, WA.

JUNE 2012

Thanks so much for the follow up phone call checking in.  We did get a chance to unpack, assemble, and take that baby for a test drive. Very sweet really boogies. Much better than a paddle boat. Can't wait to make it my summer exercise routine along with just communing with nature.

Best regards and great machine and service. keep up the good work.

Chris F.,

Indianapolis, IN



My friend purchased a tandem Sea-Cycle and I have thoroughly enjoyed being along on numerous productive fishing trips. This is a great little catamaran that makes a quiet fishing platform perfect for enjoying nature without the noise and expense of an outboard motor. This is a great way to get some cardio while trolling at the perfect speed.
Joe K, Daytona Beach, Florida


I've ridden it every day for a week now!  I'm averaging 3 hours plus a day on weekends...I love my Sea-Cycle!!!

 What a great workout too!

 I built a nice trailer to launch it with too!

 Will post some pics to your Facebook page!


 Thanks Mary!

 Chuck M, Chapin, SC
We love our Sea-Cycle and have entered it in a local people powered boat competition and came in first place in the family division, it is a lot of fun!
The fact that the SEA-CYCLE combines being on the water, cycling and a workout is a dream come true!
JK, California
The WATER-BIKE is fun, great exercise and makes a great tender. 

DBS, Charlevoix, MI



The hot rod of pedal boats!

The silent fishing machine!

The alternative to a boring treadmill!

The Jet Ski antidote!


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