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Whether your are looking for Fitness,Cycling, Fishing, Photography or just Enjoying the Water, there is a Sea-Cycle or Water Bike that will fit your needs!


Sea-Cycle ® & Water Bike ® Use

No special skills or training needed to operate a Sea-Cycle or Water Bike.  

If you know the rules of the waterway then you are ready for some fun!  It is somewhat of a cross between a paddle boat, a kayak & a bicycle.  Unlike other paddle boats, it can actually be steered & it moves through the water quickly & efficiently.


  User Guide

 The user guide covers the information that you will need to safely use & transport Sea-Cycle & Water Bike. The catamaran configuration of Sea-Cycle & Water Bike make them a very stable craft.  It handles well in most rivers, lakes, sounds and bays; either fresh or salt water.  It can maneuver easily through waves, moderate wind & boat wakes. Sea-Cycle & Water Bike are a fun, safe way to enjoy the water in the quiet of your own power!

 Enjoying the Sea-Cycle & Water Bike

Sea-Cycle & Water Bike are designed for both fitness & recreation!  You can enjoy riding it for a leisurely outing or an intense workout.  They make a great boat tender too!

Recreational Use:  

Effortless cruising at 5-7 mph! Children should always have adult supervision of course!  Don't forget to wear a life jacket for safety.

Fitness Info:  

Speed: Riders in average condition can easily cruise at 10 mph.  The record for Water Bike is about 13.5 mph and 12.8 mph for Sea-Cycles; No other HPWC can come close to matching our speed!

Calories: Depending on your body weight & speed, analysis shows that a 150 lb person will burn about 720 calories per hour at the 65% target heart rate. 

You can call it recreation or a tool for fitness but we just call it fun!

Getting on & off Sea-Cycle & Water Bike

 The area between the frame struts is reinforced; use ONLY this area for stepping & standing! Step on to the deck & slide onto the seat.  

Steering the Sea-Cycle

Steering is accomplished with the use of the rudder handle that is positioned between the seats on a Sea-Cycle Twin or Limo.  By pedaling forward or in reverse you can move both forward & backward respectively.  Forceful backward pedaling may cause the drive unit to rotate up.  Simply push the drive unit back into position where the pins hold it into place. The tension governing drive rotation may need adjustment if the drive rotates up with light backward movement.

Clearing the propeller

If the propeller becomes clogged with weeds, sometimes just back pedaling will clear them.  To further untangle, pull the drive unit back towards you until it rotates up & out of the water.  Clear the prop & shaft and push the drive unit back into position until it clicks into position.


ALWAYS:  Supervise children & wear a life jacket! 

Like all watercraft, some conditions are too severe to operate a Sea-Cycle safely. USE COMMON SENSE and refrain from using your Sea-Cycle or Water Bike under these conditions:

   *  Breaking waves higher than 3 feet whether it be in fresh or salt water

   *  Rivers with strong currents or white water

   *  Winds that exceed 20 MPH


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