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Before we begin this section, you need to know:


We are not doctors and do not have any medical training.  This article is not meant to dispense medical advice whether written or implied.


You should always check with your doctor before you begin any exercise routine to be sure you are healthy enough to engage in them. 


Combine your love of the water with fun exercise to burn some calories!

I have been asked if using our pedal boats could be helpful in weight loss.  Analysis shows that, depending on your body weight & speed, a 150 lb person can burn 720 calories per hour at the 65% targeted heart rate. Ask your doctor if this activity would benefit your weight loss goals.


Strength Training; Healthy FUN!  

We all should be health concious knowing that most people get very little exercise.  We join health clubs & gyms but most of us become complacent about going as often as we should. Almost every gym has stationary bicycles or offer spin classes. Sitting in a gym or your living room can be BORING! I have always been told that when it comes to exercise, make sure that it is something that you enjoy or you won't stick with it.  Imagine being out on the water while getting some fun exercise!

Keep in mind that your leg muscles not only protect the hardest working joint in the body (the knee), but your leg muscles also contain both the largest and longest muscles of the 640 muscles in the human body. Sea-Cycles & Water Bikes can help exercise 1.) your heart 2.) our largest (quadriceps) and 3.) the longest muscle (the sartorius).

Someone very close to me has leg & foot paralysis with extreme atrophy.  He can ride Sea-Cycle with no complications even though the leg muscles in one leg are almost non-existent. Just like a bicycle, the forward motion of the strong leg carries the weak leg.  

I have been asked about whether the use of Sea-Cycles & Water Bikes is advantageous to people with other disabilities or injuries.  I share this so that you can think about all kinds of disabilities that might allow some people to participate in this type of activity.

Water Bike is available with arm action as well as leg action.



Safety comes first!  

Always wear a life vest & have an able bodied person ready to assist.  



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Do seek medical advice from your doctor!