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It's true-enough speed & power to allow this child to ski!

Get ready, get set, let's go Water Biking!

WATER BIKES have both LEG & *ARM POWER - All Units pedal forward & reverse

What do you get when you try to ride a bicycle on water?  A WATER BIKE of course!  Our WATER BIKE is the FASTEST model available.  Outdoor Sportsman is the ultimate fishing machine!  

Quiet & sustainable human powered water craft - Fun, Fast & Safe! 

Water Bike® High Performance Pedal Pontoon Catamaran- Single Rider   Yes, you can go bicycling on water!

For persons who are interested in speed, fitness & mobility.  Maximum rider weight of 280 lbs.  Consider a Sea-Cycle SOLO with arm action if you exceed this weight limit.


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 Water Bike without ARM ACTION (available in green or yellow) OR

 Water Bike with *ARM ACTION (available in green or yellow)

Steering is accomplished by leaning on the seat back which allow the articulated/pivoting "rudder toons" to move in the direction needed.  Convert to "Hands Free" operation by removing pin to release arm action handles.

Unsurpassed speeds up to 13.5 mph versus the other hydro style bikes at less than 10 mph.  This silent fishing machine will get you into fishing holes that no boat can get to!

No one component weighs over 20 lbs; Overall weight is 85 lbs. Length is 10' 8" & width is 52".  Pivoting pontoon can be shortened into 2 pieces (3/4 & 1/4) for transportation.

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

Ideal for:   

Single Rider with hands free operation & steering to allow for such things as photography or fishing plus a full body workout with removable arm action.  Add comfy seat cushions as pictured.

Get ready, get set, let's go Water Bike Fishing!


Pedal Catamaran with *Arm Action for the ultimate bicycling on water experience! Read more >

Value Package (available in green or yellow)

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Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

Same as Water Bike with Arm Action but fully equipped for the fishing enthusiast

WATER BIKE Outdoor Sportsman Model INCLUDES the following Value Package accessories:

1 (one) SEAT & BACK and 1 (one) DRIVE UNIT(standard in basic model),  1 (one) ARM ACTION($250), 1 (one) REAR ZIP POUCH, 2 (two) SIDE POUCHES, 1 (one) SEAT & BACK CUSHIONS, 1 (one) TROLLING ROD HOLDER & 1 (one) ROD RACK

No one component weighs over 20 lbs./overall weight is only 85 lbs. 

Don't be fooled by other companies calling their product "WATER BIKE" or "SEA-CYCLE".  WATER BIKE  & SEA-CYCLE are registered trademarks owned by the SEA-CYCLE manufacturing group in Michigan.  The heart of the SEA-CYCLE and WATER BIKE is the compact, highly efficient patented drive unit.

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