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Top 10 reasons why Sea-Cycle ® & Water Bike ® are the BEST Human Powered Water Craft (HPWC) on the market.  

FAST:  Speeds up to 13.5 MPH compared to other hydro style bikes at 10 mph or less!  PROPELLER driven NOT paddle or flipper driven. Computer designed hulls for maximum speed: Sea-Cycle 12.8 & Water Bike 13.5 mph.  Everyone knows how to pedal a bicycle!

SAFE:  Unsinkable & very stable - No worries of tipping over!  Our seat position & pontoon length gives a lower center of gravity making them more stable than any other HPWC available.  Unlike other chain driven water cycles, there is not an exposed chain to get items tangled in.

COMFORTABLE:  Molded ergonomic seats - No uncomfortable bicycle seats here!  Traditional bicycle seats can become very uncomfortable in a short time causing pain, friction & chafing.

LIGHT WEIGHT:  Lighter & easier to handle than other hydro style bikes.  Maximum component weight: Sea-Cycle - 41 lbs & Water Bike - 20lbs.  Completely assembled, Water Bike only weighs 85 lbs and Sea-Cycle is 175 lbs.  No tools needed & assembles in minutes.  Great for shallow water navigation into the nooks & crannies.

VERSATILE: Steer and/or Pedal from either or both front seats.  The drive units & seats are adjustable for leg length from 4' to 7'.  Lower drive unit is sealed water tight even in salt water!  Drive unit pivots up when hitting underwater objects or beaching without damaging it.

RIDER CAPACITY:  Our Sea-Cycle can hold up to 4 persons  weighing up to 550 lbs. compared to other hydro style bikes that have a 400 lb. limit.  Water Bike is for 1 person with a 280 lbs weight limit.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  Peaceful & quiet; no gas or oil pollution & no negative impact on water/sea life.   No noise or fume pollution to spoil your outing or frighten fish & wildlife. 

EASY TO MAINTAIN:  Very little required for years of enjoyment!  Innovative sealed oil sump with drive chains(no belts to slip or break!).  Oil filled sealed sump lubricates all moving & friction parts with every pedal revolution preventing corrosion & wear.

FITNESS:  Now more than ever we are conscious of taking better care of ourselves particularly when it comes to lack of exercise. You do not have to be an athlete to ride Water Bike or Sea Cycle! This is so much fun that you hardly notice the great workout you are getting. Kind of like "free" exercise!

QUALITY PRODUCT OF USA: Proudly "Made in Michigan"! These first quality models ship directly from the factory!  Made of high quality polyethylene, T-6 marine anodized aluminum and aircraft grade marine stainless steel for corrosion protection.   

Quality is long remembered after the price is forgotten.


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