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Water Bike Frequently Asked Questions


Water Bike Outdoor Sportsman shown

Q.  What is the condensed difference between Water Bike & Sea-Cycle?

A.  SEA-CYCLE is for 1-4 riders with a rider weight limit of 550 lbs, unit weighs 175 lbs, has pontoons that are 14'10" long, steers with a rudder & has a lower center of gravity.

     WATER BIKE is for 1 rider only with a rider weight limit of 280 lbs, unit weighs 85 lbs, has pontoons that are 10' 8" long (8' 5" length when articulated portion is removed), steers by leaning on the seat back that move the "rudder toons" in the intended direction & it has a higher center of gravity.  

Q.  What different models does Water Bike have?

A.  Water Bike has 3 model options to choose from:  

A) Water Bike Standard without Arm Action, B) Water Bike WITH Arm Action & C) Water Bike Outdoor Sportsman that has Arm Action & fully set up for fishing with 2 types of rod holders, seat & back cushions & 3 storage pouches.

Q.  What color(s) are available?

A.  All Water Bike models are available in either Sunflower Yellow or Hunter Green. Sea-Cycle is available only in Sunflower Yellow.

Q. What is the speed difference between Sea-Cycle & Water Bike?

A. The average person won't notice the speed difference between them.  Water Bike has been clocked at 13.5 mph on a sprint in ideal water & weather conditions with an experienced rider.

Water Bike is *lighter with a bigger propeller with only 1 rider and **Sea-Cycle is heavier with slightly smaller props but does allow for 2 power drive units.

     *Water Bike is the lightest unit at 85 lbs, has shorter pontoons at 10' 8", 52" wide, 18" draft, 280 lbs weight limit (one rider only) and comes standard with a 16" propeller.

     **Sea-Cycle weighs in at 175 lbs, has longer pontoons at 14' 10", 70" wide, 20" draft, 550 lbs weight limit (up to 4 riders) and comes standard with a 12" propeller.

Q.  How long does it take to assemble?

A.  Once you have learned the assembly sequence you can assemble or un-assemble your unit in 5-10 minutes.  There are no tools needed!  All bolts have either a T-handle or Star Knob for easy hand assembly.

Q.  Can I really use them in salt water?

A.  Our Water Bikes & Sea-Cycles are made to withstand salt water.  Salt water is highly corrosive so the units should be completely rinsed with fresh water after use. See our page about Salt Water Use.

Q.  What are they made of?

A.  Our high quality Water Bike & Sea-Cycle are made of polyethylene (impact resistant plastic), T-6 anodized aluminum, aircraft grade stainless steel & brass for corrosion protection.

Q.  How much maintence is required?

A.  Very little!  The most important part of maintenance involves the drive unit. It is chain driven that is housed in a sealed hub.  Just like on a bicycle, you need to tighten the chain & keep it properly lubricated.  It is a good idea to wipe down the unit annually with a protectant such as WD 40 to brighten & protect the unit.

Q.  Can the seats & drive unit be adjusted for any leg length?

A.  WATER BIKE:  Three possible adjustments; seat back can be moved back or forward with the removal of a pin, the main frame with yoke & drive unit is adjustable back & forth & lastly the arm action handles can be reversed in drive unit to give more or less space.

  SEA-CYCLE:  Both the seat & the drive unit is adjustable for almost any leg length.

Q.  Can I pedal in reverse to back up?

A.  Yes, absolutely!  Water Bike & Sea-Cycle are very easy to use with no learning curve.

Q.  What is the life expectancy of a Water Bike or Sea-Cycle?

A.  With minimal maintenance your Water Bike and Sea-Cycle should last over 20 years.  If you break down the cost it is less than $100 for a low cost season of fun on the water! Both are environmentally friendly with no gas or oil to spoil the waterways.

Q.  Is my new Water Bike or Sea-Cycle covered by a warranty?

A.  Yes!  It comes with a full one year manufacturers limited warranty even with commercial use.

Q.  What are the advantages of Water Bike & Sea-Cycle in addition to being FAST, FUN & SAFE?

Comfortable recumbent style seat!  Why ride on an uncomfortable bicycle seat? You are pedaling in a forward position rather than in a downward position like a bicycle.

Water Bike steers by leaning on the back of the seat for hands free steering & Sea-Cyle has a rudder.  No bicycle handle bars needed!

Sealed power drive unit with continuous lubrication.  Gears & chain are sealed inside to prevent water damage or a dangerous situation with items becoming entangled.

Water Bike has optional arm action power drive option for a full body workout!  Easily remove arms with a quick release pin when not in use.

Impact resistant - it can withstand simple impacts & the drive unit "pops" up out of the water with it hits the bottom, encounters rocks or is beached.

Water Bike & Sea-Cycle has fade resistant-color with UVA & UVB stabilizers, color is consistant throughout the entire thickness

Water Bike & Sea-Cycle are lighter than water - naturally bouyant & unsinkable. It is naturally resistant to salt water, lightweight - easy to transport & assemble almost anywhere. Water Bike rudder-toons come apart with a quick release pin.  8'5" disengaged pontoon length easily fits in SUV's, short bed trucks & roof racks for easy transportation.

Q.  After I order my Sea Cycle or Water Bike, how long will it take to arrive?

 A.  Each of our products are made one-at-a-time to order.  Typically it is 3-4 weeks after the order is placed before it arrives.  We have seasonal variances so please order early.

Q.  How long have you been in business making Water Bikes & Sea-Cycles?

A.  We have been in business continually for 20 years!

Q.  Where are Water Bikes & Sea-Cycles made?

A.  Water Bikes & Sea-Ccyles are proudly made in the USA!


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